Get A Cash Advance Without A Perfect Credit Rating

Our company was originally built to serve the financial needs of apprentices and trades people. We understand problems that can come with balancing bills while studying, and can help you with a cash advance to buy tools, a vehicle, or to get over a money hurdle.

cash loan vernonBlue Copper Capital exists to help hard-working trades people and apprentices who may be uncomfortable asking their employer for financial assistance. We are familiar with the challenge of getting enough hours when you are starting out. For a personal cash advance, we will arrange to visit you in your home at a time convenient for you. Don’t worry; we can help you cover financial needs so you can continue to work or study without the added stress of worrying about the funds you need.

Loan Qualifications

Our main concern when providing loans to trades people is your work history and income pattern; a credit check is not part of this process. You simply give us a post-dated cheque for the loan amount (plus the fees). We hold your cheque until your next payday. You qualify for a cash advance based on your work history. It’s as simple as that. We want to help you get established in your new career, and lending you the money for tools is a terrific way to accomplish that. If you need to buy a vehicle for work, we can also help with an auto loan.

Confidential Cash Advances

You don’t need to wait until you are in financial trouble before calling us for a loan. We are here to help with your needs and to provide assistance. We are proud to have helped many Canadians achieve their goals by lending them money when they needed it most. You can rest assure that your personal information is kept in strictest confidence.

Call today, we keep long hours.

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